Welcome to Nauset Youth Alliance!!

Nauset Youth Alliance is a not for profit organization which provides a safe and enjoyable surrounding for school aged children and youth to build friendships, play games and sports, work on homework, and engage in a wide variety of creative and enriching activities.  NYA serves as an alternative to children going home alone at the end of the school day and provides services for children of parents or guardians who are working, attending school or interested in enrichment.

Our trained and motivated staff inspires creativity and social interaction while providing the opportunity for fun and learning.  NYA invites students and their parents to explore our program offerings and to contact us about joining this growing community. 

Programs include:

Brewster After School Child Care
Provides a safe and supervised after-school environment with enrichment activities for elementary school age youth

NYA on the Go!
Provides after-school and summer enrichment opportunities to middle school age youth, encouraging mentorship, volunteerism and personal growth

NYA Summer Program
Provides an enriching summer camp experience for children from 1st through 5th grade

Enrichment Opportunities
Supply and develop new and stimulating enrichment activities for youth ages 5 to 14

Nauset Youth Alliance enhances the growth and development of youth and families in our community by nurturing and inspiring our children - creatively, socially, civically, and academically - positively guiding today's youth into tomorrow's world!

 NYA's principles are to:

  • Provide the security of participating in a structured and safe environment in which children and youth can build positive social relationships and develop a positive concept of self
  • Offer a varied range of supervised activities that meet the developmental needs of each participant and facilitate an enjoyment of learning and exploration
  • Foster opportunities for children and youth to express independence, initiative, cooperation, self-control, responsibility and improve problem solving skills
  • Encourage creative expression and imagination in a positive and supportive environment
  • Nurture and develop a better understanding of individual differences while supporting an awareness of the rights of others
  • Incorporate communication and mentorship with college, high school and middle school students, and with community volunteers
  • Partner with other like-minded organizations in order to offer appropriate programming and support services to the members of our community